Monday, June 29, 2015

Dodged the bullet

Hannibal in the rear-view mirror.

After an enjoyable week visiting with friends and relatives and getting some repairs made, I hit the road Sunday. During the week in Hannibal I saw lots of rain, I saw the flood gates put in at the Mississippi riverfront, I had lunch with Ken and Lisa Marks the directors of The Hannibal History Museum and curators of The Molly Brown childhood home in Hannibal and I was able to attend the school reunion with my brother and three of my four sisters. We had breakfast together Sunday morning and it began to rain again. I left Hannibal in a heavy rain heading west and finally drove out of it after an hour. The bullet I dodged occurred later in the afternoon when several funnel clouds were sighted in the Hannibal area. The reason I went west was US 61 to the north was closed by flood waters and bad weather was south and east of Hannibal. I stopped driving at Seneca Kansas and this morning I came on to Dodge City Kansas. Tomorrows goal is Tucumcari and by then I hope to have put the bad weather far, far behind me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pictures from the Hannibal Riverfront.

Scenes from the Hannibal riverfront

For three summers, while I was in high school I ran this boat harbor. Great summer job.

That is real cobblestone pavement in the foreground. The river is up a bit this week.

Headquarters for the Mark Twain riverboat.

This is a local tug boat that shuffles barges around.
Looking from Mel's window and the riverboat has returned from it's afternoon cruise..

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hannibal USA

I have arrived back in Hannibal just in time for the thunderstorm, but that's not unusual. Each day on the road this year has seen some rain so I'm getting used to driving in the rain. Sometimes I even sing in the rain.

Everything went well at HWH and for just $319.00 I now have four jacks that actually work. That will make my life much easier when I land some place. I am parked right by the river right now and will get some pictures tomorrow. I am stealth camping because it's more convenient to the people I want to touch base with.

Tonight I will be heading out to supper with ex-in-laws and family so it should be a good evening. Tomorrow it's lunch with authors Lisa and Ken Marks who also run the Hannibal History Museum, this is always an interesting time.

More pictures tomorrow.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Amana Iowa

After leaving Elephant Butte I spent the first night on Route 66 in Tucumcari New Mexico and then moved on to visit friends in Seibert Colorado. I was there three days with very limited internet service. Wednesday I headed east and Wednesday evening was spent in Seneca Kansas. Thursday I eased into Hannibal, did some quick visiting with old friends, got myself a Mark Twain Dinette tenderloin sandwich and a good nights sleep. Friday morning Mel got an oil change and then we headed north to the Amana Colonies. I am now situated here for the next couple of days waiting for my Monday appointment in Moscow Iowa to get some adjustments made to the hydraulic leveling system. Then it will be back to Hannibal for the school reunion.

Friday, June 12, 2015

On the road again

My two month stay in Elephant Butte New Mexico comes to an end tomorrow and I will be heading to Colorado. The two months here at Cedar Cove have been very productive. First I had the caulking removed from the roof and replaced with Eternabond by Dave Martin. I should be good for several years on the new roof. 

Dave and Debbies Rig (train)

Then Chip Baker took care of my electrical problem that had baffled two certified techs over four visits in the  in the Valley without a solution. Chip had the problem solved in 30 minutes and it's worked flawlessly since.

I also had the opportunity to renew friendships with Clay and Loren two longtime friends. I also made some new friends including fellow blogger Barbara Dewell and her faithful companion Katie of Me and My Dog fame who visited in the park for about three weeks.

It has begun to heat up a bit here in the park, but the weather over the Midwest is a bit unsettled. My plan is to head to the eastern plains of Colorado for a few days and hopefully I will find a clear weather window to move to Hannibal and then on to Iowa. Fingers crossed, here we go.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Old Guerrero

One of the more interesting expeditions from Zapata was into Mexico to the town of Old Guerrero which was relocated in the '50s with the filling of Falcon Lake. Old Guerrero had been under water until just the year before, but with the drought was available to visit. The tour was led by Joe who was raised in Old Guerrero until age 10 when his folks moved to Gary Indiana. Joe wintered with us in Four Seasons RV Park and made an excellent guide.